Summer Workshop on the Horizon!

The Summer Kidz Workshop is now taking applicants!


The Theatre Co. of the Ozarks is pleased to announce their upcoming summer workshop! They are now accepting applications for students ages 6 to 17. Applications are due by Monday May 20, 2024.

The dates are Monday-Thursday July 8-11, July 15-18, and July 22-25 from 1pm-5pm, with a performance on Sunday July 28 at 2pm at the Lyric Theater. We will provide snacks and water, but it is always a good idea to have your child bring their own water bottle and snacks if they prefer something in particular or have allergies.
The cost of the workshop is $25 per child. There are several scholarships available based on need.

This workshop will be a combination of mini workshops for improv, acting, set building, lighting design, and much more! They will be hosted by qualified and experienced adults and Theatre students in high school and college.

The younger students will participate in The Aristocats KIDS and the older students will concentrate on writing their own monologues and performing them OR on tech and backstage work! If kids choose to be tech students, they will still participate in all workshops, and instead of performing, they will learn how to build a portfolio and present iit. OAC Executive Director Julianna Hamblin and Theatre Co. of the Ozarks Vice President AJ Womack will be leading the students in these performances. 
Please make plans to attend the mandatory parent/guardian meeting on Monday June 3 at 5:30pm to get all the info. Please bring your registered child(ren) so we can meet them! But don’t forget to sign up first!

Sign up here!

Musical at HHS PAC: The Addams Family, A New Musical #LiveAtThePAC April 12-13 at 7:00pm, April 19-20 at 7:00pm; April 14, 21 at 2:00pm

Harrison High School Theatre Dept. Presents:
The Addams Family, A New Musical
Friday, Saturday April 12-13, April 19-20, at 7:00PM
Sunday April 14, 21 at 2:00PM

The Addams Family, A New Musical will be performed at the Harrison High School Performing Arts Center April 12 & 13, 19 & 20 at 7:00 pm and April 14 and 21 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are on sale at

Hundreds of years ago, a family’s ancestors came from the old country and settled on a plot of land in what has now become New York’s Central Park. The family flourished for many generations, enjoying their seclusion in a huge house built where a great Spanish oak protected the ancestral graves from such annoyances as tourists and…sunlight.

As the play begins, the last dead leaf of autumn falls from the Family Tree, and all is right in the morbid, macabre world of the Addams Family—Gomez (Bannon Jones), Morticia (Rilee Young), Fester (Isaiah Wallis), Grandma (Reagan Hersh), Wednesday (Liani Cash), Pugsley (Ally Hyatt), Lurch (Chase Moak), Cousin It (Mick McCormick) and, of course, Thing. They’ve gathered—where else?—in the family graveyard, to celebrate life and death in a yearly ritual to connect with their past and ensure their future. They are at peace, not just with each other and their inimitable, unchanging Addams-ness, but with their dead ancestors, too—who emerge from their graves on this night each year to join in the celebration (Makayla Alsobrook, Ricky Bates, Emma Bock, Laith Boswell, Milo Briggs, Maci Bright, Julie Davis, Leigh Dayanan, Ella Domini, Mattea Emerson, Bella Gibson, Delaney Hodges, Ellison Jones, Kamyron Lefebvre, Zachary Linn, Wynn Mahoney, Mick Morrell, Beck Nelson, Nicholas Padilla, Jerome Sweatman). At the end of the ritual this year, though, Fester blocks the ancestors’ return to their graves! Those unchanging Addams family values are about to be tested when we find out that Wednesday, “that bundle of malice,” is in love…with a “normal” person, Lucas Beineke (Garret Cox)…and he, his mistrusting father Mal (Mark Green), and his cloying mother (Valeria Carbajal) are on their way to dinner. But how ‘normal’ are these regular Ohioans? The night will take a crazy turn when the Beinekes sit down to dinner with the Addams! Will everyone live happily ever after or go home slightly depressed?

Join us at the Harrison High School Performing Arts Center to see this creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky family and their ancestors deal with the trials of modern young love! 

The Addams Family, A New Musical will be performed at the HHS PAC April 12, 13, 19, 20 at 7:00pm and April 14 and 21 at 2:00pm. Tickets are on sale at

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Comedy & Dinner Theatre: Wild Women of Winedale! Twelve Oaks Estate, October 25-26, 2024 at 6:00pm and October 27, 2024 at 1:00pm

Wild Women of Winedale will be performed at Twelve Oaks Estate on October 25 and 26 at 6:00pm, and Sunday October 27 at 1:00pm as a dinner theatre. Tickets are $40 for dinner on Friday and Saturday and $30 on Sunday for chartcuterie, wine, and dessert. Tickets at

This joyful and exuberant, yet ultimately touching, comedy focuses on three women at crossroads in their lives—the Wild sisters of Winedale, Virginia—Fanny and Willa and their frustratingly quirky sister-in-law Johnnie Faye. This feisty and fun-loving trio has supported and cheered one another through life’s highs and lows through the years, including the early demise of two of their husbands. And they really need each other now, as Fanny experiences a hilariously inappropriate reaction to her 60th birthday, while Willa is so stressed out from her nursing job she resorts to vodka and speed-knitting to cope, and Johnnie Faye, determined to put her year of fraught widowhood behind her, desperately tries to find a man—preferably a man with a house, since hers is somewhere at the bottom of a Florida sinkhole. These women’s lives are further upended by the responsibility of caring for their free-spirited, ailing aunt and the realization that they are drowning under loads of family keepsakes and possessions nobody wants—especially them! With equal doses of hilarity and heart, these extraordinary women come up with delightful and surprisingly unorthodox ways to clear the clutter from their lives, their homes and their relationships so they can move their lives forward. Together they prove it’s never too late to take another one of life’s paths for a grand new adventure. This Jones Hope Wooten comedy is guaranteed to drive you wild with laughter—and motivate you to keep hounding the kids to please take that stack of quilts and Granny’s Christmas china!

Wild Women of Winedale will be performed at Twelve Oaks Estate on October 25 and 26 at 6:00pm, and Sunday October 27 at 1:00pm as a dinner theatre. Tickets are $40 for dinner on Friday and Saturday and $30 on Sunday for chartcuterie, wine, and dessert. Tickets at

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Dramedy: Lone Star and Laundry & Bourbon, at the Lyric Theater May 2–4, 2024 at 7:00pm and May 5, 2024 at 2:00pm

Northark Drama and
The Ozark Arts Council Present:
Lone Star
Laundry & Bourbon
Thursday–Saturday, May 2–4, 7:00PM
Sunday, May 5, 2:00PM

Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon, two one-act plays by James McClure that are meant to be performed together, will be performed Live at the Lyric May 2–4, 2024 at 7:00PM, and Sunday May 5 at 2:00PM. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors (55 and up) and students, and $8 for children (under 12), when purchased in advance; prices are $3 higher if purchased at the door.

PLEASE NOTE: Adult themes and language.

In the first of our plays, Laundry and Bourbon, the setting is the front porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home in Maynard, Texas, on a hot summer afternoon. Elizabeth and her friend Hattie are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon and Coke, and gossiping about the many open secrets that are so much a part of small-town life. They are joined by the self-righteous Amy Lee who, among other tidbits, can’t resist blurting out that Roy has been seen around town with another woman. While the ensuing conversation is increasingly edged with bitter humor, from it emerges a sense of Elizabeth’s inner strength and her quiet understanding of the turmoil that has beset her husband since his return from Vietnam. He is wild, and he is unfaithful, but he needs her, and she loves him. And she’ll be waiting for him when he comes home—no matter what others may say or think.

In Lonestar, we are brought to the cluttered backyard of a small-town Texas bar. Roy, a brawny, macho type who had once been a local high-school hero, is back in town after a hitch in Vietnam and trying to reestablish his position in the community. Joined by his younger brother, Ray (who worships him), Roy sets about consuming a case of beer while regaling Ray with tales of his military and amorous exploits. It’s quickly apparent that Roy cherishes three things above all: his country, his sexy young wife, and his 1959 pink Thunderbird…but with the arrival of Cletis, the fatuous, newlywed son of the local hardware store owner, the underpinnings of Roy’s world begin to collapse as it gradually comes out that Ray had slept with his brother’s wife during his absence and—horror of horrors!—has just demolished his cherished Thunderbird, as well! But, despite all, the high good humor of the play never lapses, and all ends as breezily and happily as it began.

More information coming soon!

Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon, will be performed Live at the Lyric, May 2–4, 2024 at 7:00PM, and Sunday May 5 at 2:00PM. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors (55 and up) and students, and $8 for children (under 12), when purchased in advance; prices are $3 higher if purchased at the door…maybe even more for the Sunday afternoon performance, depending on how blisteringly the May sun comes through the box office window, scorching the eyeballs of our poor volunteer. No, seriously: do yourself a favor and save that three (or more) bucks.

(Many thanks to Dan Zadorozny, the artist who runs Iconian Fonts, for graciously allowing us the free use of his Texas Ranger font for our graphics!)

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Become a Patron of the Arts!

It’s OAC Membership Time!

It’s time to renew your membership in the Ozark Arts Council (or to become an OAC member for the first time) by visiting!

History has taught us that the most vibrant societies are produced by giving, not by taking—and the very most vibrant are those that have a thriving and active Arts community! Having such a thriving Arts community has always been a matter of patronage, and it is no different today.

It’s a New Season

In a time when many are still struggling, some may think the Arts a luxury, something only of which those with ‘extra’ time and money on their hands may partake. Often, people feel that it’s too lofty a pursuit for communities that are rooted in farms and factories and retirees. But both history and statistics tell us that these contentions are untrue: the Arts are what help such communities survive!

The very nature of the Arts is to be both welcoming and challenging, to bring you in and to lift you up…and in a time of upheaval and widespread dissatisfaction, isn’t that exactly what you want to encourage and support? The Lyric and the OAC’s Member Organizations provide a place full of experiences that put all of the noise of this world’s discontent aside, a place that welcomes you into a moment where you neither have to be consumed with the woes of the world, real and imagined—or even what you’re going to make for supper, or find on your next day at work. For all of the ‘escapism’ that television promised, it is no match for joining with the rest of your community in a place where all that divides us is set aside and a team of volunteers seeks to be their best selves and to help us, at least for a few hours, to be ours.

This is what membership in the OAC promotes, so please consider becoming part of a community that truly builds community…that welcomes, educates, enjoys, and feasts on those things in our culture that build better people, stronger communities, and the general promotion of love and joy: please join the Ozark Arts Council today!

Below, you can find the perks that come from being an OAC member (with some fun new swag!), but we also want to hear from YOU! What would YOU like to see as a perk from being an OAC member? Email in**@oz**************.org and let our Executive Director know!

Some OAC Membership Perks

  • Early Bird Ticket Sales: For most events, we are able to offer tickets to our members between a few hours and a few days before they go on sale to the general public, so you have a better chance of getting your favorite seat.
  • No Ticketing or Card Fees: We consider your investment in the OAC as what provides us the ability to have ticketing and card processing in the first place, so we give you a code to eliminate fees when you purchase online (and enter the code for you if you purchase them in advance in person or over the phone).
  • Super Popcorn Discount and Collectible Bucket: While we are introducing a new giant-size popcorn for anyone to save on popcorn (and on trips to the concessions stand!) on a per-event basis, we are also introducing a refillable and reusable bucket with our logo and our theme for the year on it. Buy a popcorn for all of the year’s events in advance!
  • Special Merchandise Offers and Discounts: Promotional and event mugs, shirts, window clings (and who knows what else?!) are being developed to help you help the Lyric to thrive and to allow you to remember and celebrate fun times at the Lyric once you return home.
  • Season Passes (and Discounts): All our members have been able to buy Season Passes to productions by the Theatre Company of the Ozarks…and now we’re adding Northark Drama and HHS Theatre productions, as well! Members who join at the $100 level or above also get discounts on season passes, with discounts growing along with membership donations.
  • The Arts Investor Appreciation Pass: Take the lead in providing plays, concerts, or both by making a Membership donation that helps us keep booking artists and paying rights and royalties, and we will provide you free passes that allow you to come and check on your investment.
    • A Theatre Investor ($500) receives a code for two free tickets to every play in our season!
    • A Concert Investor ($750) receives a code for two seats at every concert we produce.
    • An All the Arts Investor ($1,200) receives two tickets for every concert and every play we put on!

Please Note: There may be some events that we do not produce, those that are via a rental arrangement by an outside organization or that are a fundraiser for another nonprofit. We keep these to a bare minimum…and if we can work out a contract with them to get you seated for free, we will do so, and we will let you know in advance. Examples of such events: the recent Buffalo River documentary; the Ozark Rape Crisis Center’s lip sync battle; the Ozarks Dynacom Five Star Talent Contest.