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The first step in getting involved is to know what’s going on! Since it’s easy to forget to check our web site every single day (because we are constantly adding new events!), we have the OAC eNews!

A trio of things you should know:

    • We will never give away or sell your email address or other information!
    • Most of the time, we will only email you once or twice per week.
    • If we are getting up to a performance date, we may send additional emails apprising you of the seating situation. (Until the day arrives that everyone buys their tickets online and well in advance of a performance, this helps us prevent having a line of people at the box office being turned away because of a sold out performance…or not showing because they think it was already sold out!)

Only your email address is necessary in the form below, but having your other information, as well, will give us the ability to connect with you for things we may not do through email.

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The Ozark Arts Council is in the top 0.5% of all not-for-profits in terms of transparency and integrity, according to Guidestar.

The Ozark Arts Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to enrich lives by promoting the arts in Harrison and North Arkansas through exhibitions, performances, and education. Memberships and donations allow the OAC and its six Member Organizations to provide quality cultural programming and maintain the historic Lyric Theater for performances and community events.

The easiest way to become a Member is to use our online membership system (whether paying online or by a mailed check or a visit or call to our office).

You can also download and mail in the OAC Membership Form, if you prefer. (It is a PDF: click to print and fill out by hand; right-click to download and fill out in Adobe Reader or MacOS Preview, etc.).

Please Note: When you become an OAC member online (and make your membership donation online), you will immediately receive a promo code to save money on a Theatre Company of the Ozarks Season Pass, so be sure to let the payment processor bring you back to our page, so you can learn how to use it right away! If you mail in your membership form, we will include the code in your mailed receipt.

Annual Memberships are available at the following levels:

Individual: $25-$49

  • Recognition in playbills and/or on-screen before events
  • One (1) vote at the OAC Annual Membership Meeting

Supporting: $50-$99

  • OAC Window Decal
  • Pre-sale ticket purchasing opportunities (get your seats before sales open to the rest of the world…and eliminate ticketing fees!)
  • Plus all benefits of the previous level

Family: $100-$249

  • Two (2) family members may vote at the OAC Annual Membership Meeting
  • Discounts on Season Passes!
  • Plus all benefits of the previous levels

Patron: $250-$499

  • Personal and business name listed in playbills
  • Link to personal or business website from OAC website
  • Backstage tour after a production
  • Plus all benefits of the previous levels

Principal: $500-$999

  • Two (2) invitations to a Theatre Company Cast Party
  • Logo and name link to your website on OAC website
  • Even bigger discounts on Season Passes!
  • Plus all benefits of the previous levels

Director: $1,000-$2,499

  • Two (2) complimentary tickets to the annual fundraiser
  • Plus all benefits of the previous levels

Producer: $2,500+

  • One-time use of the Lyric Theater (for a non-ticketed event)
  • Plus all benefits of the previous levels

Sustaining Member: $2,500+ ‘in-kind’ donation

  • Please call us at (870) 391-3504.

 All memberships valid through June 30, 2024 for the 2023–2024 Season. While we have sought to make sure that our Member benefits are such that they do not compromise the deductibility of your membership donation, members may file a letter with us choosing not to receive Membership benefits so that it is clear to the IRS that you are donating the full amount to the OAC. If Membership benefits are accepted, please check with your tax professional as to what portion of your membership may remain tax-deductible.

Help the Ozark Arts Council restore the Lyric Theater! Through the Adopt-a-Seat program, we have been upgrading our theater in with: new seats that maintain its historic character and charm, new flooring, an expanded stage, and, this coming year, restoration of our balcony restrooms (out of operation since the ’70s).

Adopting a seat is a great way to show your support or honor a loved one. You may view a sample of the new seat in the lobby of the Lyric. Thank you to those who have already adopted a seat!

For a donation of only $100, an engraved plaque in honor of you or a loved one will be placed on a seat in the Lyric Theater. Download the Adopt-A-Seat form or adopt your seat online. For $50, you can take home one of our old seats.

Thank you to those individuals and businesses who have already Adopted A Seat

Twentieth Century Club

Don Alberson

Bill & Bonnie Baker

Joe Baldwin

Dennis Beal

Charles & Linda Beaver

Doug & Beverly Beckman

Mike & Mary Bishop

Char Black

Larry & Cathy Brandt

Jed Bullock

Al & Jackie Buxton

Gail Campbell

Josephine Cash

Bob Chadwick

Drs. Carl & Sue Chambers

Jeff & Jane Christenson

Helen Clavey

Dr. James Coats

Community First Bank

Reece & Christy Conrad

Ruth & Steve Davis

Bob & Eliza Dickson

Mark & Susan Duren

Brian & Betty Erwin

FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight Executive Office

FedEx Freight Legal Department

First Federal Bank

First National Bank of Berryville

Anne Connerley Fowler

Sarah Gheen

Holly Gillies

Joe & Cathy Golden

Ann Graffy

Greater Ozarks Republican Women

Jim & Gwen Gresham

John Paul Hammerschmidt

Harrison District Board of Realtors

Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce

Richard & Cova Hart

Kim Hickson

Johny & Barbara Hinson

Ann Horn

Frieda Hudson

The Daughters of James Hudson

James F. Hudson

Jim & Lisa Johnson

Mike Johnson

Jim Keel

Alta King

Bill & Rita Kneip

Mildred Krisik

Don Kostelac

Billye Sue Lawrence

Jay & Marcille Lawrence

Pollyanna Leimberg

Richard & Ann Lemley

Joan Lipsmeyer

Carolyn Luallen

Martin Construction Company

Mary H. Martin

William & Ann May

Pat McBride

HK McCaleb

Gary & Brenda Melton

Patty Methvin

Clark & Madeleine Middleton

Pat & Sharon Murphy

Pat & Lou Ann Moles

Mike & Karin Nabors

Wanda Nelson

James & Fern Nicholson

Dana O’Quin

Rudy & Sue Parks

Glenna Ragan

Bob & Sandra Reynolds

Chris & Tammy Reynolds

Mike Reynolds

Diana Robb

Jim & Joey Roth

Patsy Sargent

Greg & Cheryl Satterfield

Vita Saville

Rock Seawel

Jock Seeyle

Curt & Reba Shaddox

Harland & Nancy Sharp

Greg & Roz Slavik

June Snow

Chuck & Mary Speice

Jim Sprott

Terry Stambaugh

Katie & Julianna Stefanski

Jamie Taylor

Pat Taylor

Rob Thomason

Edwin Clark Trantham

Dr. Charles Walker

Marilyn Williams

Mike & Linda Wood

Pat Wood

Angela Wright

The Ozark Arts Council is always looking for volunteers to assist with office work, concessions, box office, and more.

History has taught us that the most vibrant societies are produced by giving, not by taking, and especially the most vibrant are those that have a thriving and active Arts community, which has been produced by patronage and volunteerism. The OAC believes the following to be true: The Arts are what help us survive.

The very nature of the Arts is to be both welcoming and challenging, to bring you in and to lift you up. The Lyric and the OAC’s Member Organizations provide a place full of experiences that put all of the noise of this world’s discontent aside, a place that welcomes you into a moment where you neither have to be consumed with the woes of the world, real and imagined—or even what you’re going to make for supper, or find on your next day at work. For all of the ‘escapism’ that television promised, it is no match for joining with the rest of your community in a place where all that divides us is set aside and a team of volunteers seeks to be their best selves and to help our community, at least for a few hours, to be ours.

The OAC depends on volunteers like you to help us be our best selves. We provide an opportunity to learn and grow, make friends, be a valued member of our organization, and be needed. We aim to make every experience at the theater a remarkable one for both our volunteers and our patrons. Because volunteers represent the theater, it is important that you help our patrons feel at home. Your appearance, actions, and conduct all influence how patrons perceive the Lyric. Our hope is that you greet each patron with a smile and friendly attitude and treat them as you like to be treated. Likewise, we hope that our experience with us is what puts that smile on your face and gladness in your heart as you learn that you are a vital part of spreading the Arts in our area.

Volunteers receive free tickets to OAC-hosted events and are able to be a part of our Recognition Program. To apply for a volunteer position, please fill out this form. You may mail this form to our mailing address, attach it to an email to our volunteer coordinator at in**@oz**************.org, or drop it by our office. For more information, call us for at (870) 391-3504 or email in**@oz**************.org.

Built in 1929 as the area’s first movie theater for ‘talkies’, the Lyric Theater is a unique venue for plays and concerts. Read the history of the Lyric and enjoy this delightful article by Adria English of First Security Bank’s “Only in Arkansas” magazine, check the map for location and directions, and read below for rental information and specifications important to performers, directors, sound engineers, etc.

The theater’s design has tremendous benefits for both dramatic and musical performance. First is simply the intimate design: the center section of the main floor has only seven full rows, and the topmost row of the balcony is only 18 rows back from the stage. In plays with an orchestra, the orchestra gives the advantage to the audience, playing at stage right (usually on the main level, sometimes at stage level), rather than having a pit that adds distance between the stage and seating.

Especially with the extra footage added to the stage in the first decade of this milennium (so much that our seating no longer starts with row A, but row B!), we are something ‘more’ than a traditional proscenium stage, yet not quite a thrust stage, so that we actually offer the benefits of both: the ability to hide props and actors outside of the ‘window’ created by the proscenium arch (aiding in the suspension of disbelief, which has become more of a challenge in audiences conditioned by film viewing), while approaching the fourth-wall-reducing intimacy of a thrust stage.

Seating Capacity
Main floor – 240
Balcony – 125
(15 seats are reserved for OAC use at all performances)

General Specifications
Width of proscenium arch – 31 ft.
Height of proscenium arch – 16 ft.
Overall permanent stage width – 34 ft.
Stage depth from front curtain to back wall – 14 ft.
Top stage size – 15.25 ft. deep by 34 ft. across
Lower stage size –
frontmost, between stairwells – 4 ft. deep by 21 ft. across
principal, behind stairwells – 12 ft. deep by 34 ft. across
with extensions – 12 ft. deep by 43 to 49 ft. across
Stage left wing width – 5.5 ft. by 14.5 ft.
Stage right wing width – 2 ft. by 12 ft.
Stage left side loft with window – 4 ft. by 7 ft.
Stage right side loft with window – 4 ft. by 7 ft.
Standard size stage door
Stage loading door – 88 in. wide by 94 in. high
Front curtain (green velour) travel – Front half 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Back half 7 ft. x 9.5 ft.
Scrim curtain (white poly) travel
Side curtains

Dressing Rooms
2 rooms and hall below stage with bathroom facilities (2)
1 room behind stage with bathroom facilities (2)

Storage and Set Construction Annex (25 ft. by 49 ft.)
The Bailey Annex contains secure storage areas, loft, and large area for set construction with large utility sink downstairs.

Wardrobe and Rehearsal Loft  (25 ft. by 35 ft.)
Contains additional dressing area.

Loading Dock
Loading door (5 ft. 9 in. by 7 ft. 10 in. )
Loading from street level with nearby parking

General stage washes
No spot or black lights
Extra fee for specific requests

Allen & Heath GL 2400 console
Mackie S-408 main speakers
Mackie S-410 sub woofer speaker
Mackie C-300 stage monitors
TC electronic SL effects processor
Crown XS-900 power amp main and subs
Crown XSL 602 power amp monitor
16-channel quick release microphone snake
8 channels of compression

The stage is wired for four separate monitor mixes with a 1/3 octave equalizer for each mix.

Baby grand piano is available for an additional fee.

Want to see your name in lights?
If you are interested in performing in the Lyric, please email us at in**@oz**************.org or call 870.391.3504.

Rent the Lyric
The Lyric Theater is sometimes available for weddings, parties, and business functions, at the discretion of the OAC Board and the director and production manager of any play in rehearsals. The minimum cost for a federally-recognized not-for-profit organization for an event for which no admission is charged is $250 plus cleaning deposit/fees; the minimum charge in other cases for events in which admission is not charged is $500 plus cleaning deposit/fees. If admission is charged, 40% of the gate is payable to the OAC, with the aforementioned rental fees as a guaranteed minimum, unless otherwise agreed upon. Sound or light engineers are an additional charge. Please email us at  in**@oz**************.org or call 870.391.3504.

2020–2021 OAC Members and Sponsors
To see the individuals, families, and businesses in the various levels of membership, please use the links at the bottom of the table. You can learn about and support our sponsoring businesses by clicking on their logos below the list of members.

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