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About the Theatre Company of the Ozarks

A scene from "Farce of Nature"
A scene from Farce of Nature

The Theatre Company of the Ozarks was organized in 1977 under the name of the Buffalo River Theatre Company.  Until September, 2015 the organization was simply known as The Theatre Company. Today, many years and two name changes later, The Theatre Company of the Ozarks is still producing high quality live theatre for Harrison and the surrounding communities. The Theatre Company of the Ozarks brings from 4 to 8 productions each year to the Lyric.

eBillboard for 2024’s Radium Girls

The Theatre Company of the Ozarks is dedicated not only to bringing high quality entertainment to the area, but encouraging members of the community to become involved, whether on stage, back stage, or behind the scenes in sewing, fundraising, and volunteering to help enrich the lives of all in our community through support of and participation in the Arts. Thus, the Theatre Company was involved in the development of the Ozark Arts Council, with several Theatre Company members on the original (1996) OAC board. Many young people who have become involved with Theatre Company of the Ozarks productions over the years have gone on to have theatre-related careers.

We are proud of the involvement of our community in the Theatre Company of the Ozarks. The diversity of the actors involved with Theatre Company of the Ozarks production is one of its greatest strengths.

Poster from 2016 Children's Musical
Poster from 2016 Children’s Musical, Cinderella

The Theatre Company of the Ozarks general membership meets twice a year. In September the plays for the next season are selected, and in January officers and board members are selected. The Theatre Company of the Ozarks has an elected board of 7 members, who meet monthly and are charged with managing the business of the Theatre Company of the Ozarks. Annual Memberships are $5.00 and Lifetime Memberships are $100.00, and entitle a member to vote on officers, board members, and productions for the next season.

The Theatre Company also works closely with the other arts organizations in the Ozark Arts Council and beyond. They have collaborated with the North Arkansas College Drama Department on productions, and have had Harrison Art League members assist with set design and decoration and there is also overlap in our membership with a history of HAL members acting in and directing some of our productions.  Theatre Company volunteers staff the concessions and box office at the Lyric for Theatre Company productions and other OAC member organization events.

The Theatre Company is committed to promoting the Arts in our area, and particularly committed to extending to people—of all ages and abilities—the opportunity to express themselves in the theatre arts.


The 2024–2025 Theatre Company of the Ozarks Board and Officers

Michael Amburn25 – President                Dan Reynolds27* – Secretary
A. J. Womack26* – Vice-President, PR         Teresa Jones26 –  Treasurer
Becky Poor25*          Brittany Domino25         Ann Lemley27*
Lisa Johnson27*         Eric Stefanski26
Superscript number denotes end of current term; asterisk indicates eligible for reelection.

Latest News

The latest news on Theatre Company and other OAC events will always be posted to The OAC eNews and The Theatre Company’s Facebook page.


See The Theatre Company on Facebook and Subscribe to The OAC eNews to keep up-to-date with audition and production news. Please note that scripts will be not be distributed prior to auditions. Most of our auditions are based on cold reads, with material provided at the audition; other procedures will be noted on Facebook and in the eNews. Auditions for musicals will require you to sing (a cappella) a short (one minute or less) song/portion of a song of your choosing. Headshots and resume/curriculum vitae are not necessary.

Ticket Prices (in general)

    $12–$15 for adults;
    $10–$12 for students and senior citizens (with valid ID); and
    $8–$10 for children 12 and under.
  • Ticket prices will be three dollars $3.00 higher at the door, so it is very advantageous to buy tickets online.
  • EARLY BIRD TICKETS (when available; for cast, crew, and OAC Members)
    $2 off for adults;
    $1–$2 off for students and senior citizens
    $0–$1 off for children 12 and under